So you’d like to build a good library of books about the recorder? recommendation nr. 1

Dear Recorder Colleagues,


I have been asked by many students and colleagues around the world about important recorder books that they should have at home.

So I will publish a series of posts in each I shall describe a book which is certainly an essential (well, by my humble opinnion).

Each post shall contain details about the book, a list of its contents, and a direct link to where you may purchase it in a very good price – (as a community service…)

And so here we go:

One of my favorite recorder books of all time, is, without a doubt, the recorder book form “The Cambridge Companion” series

This book offers a complete introduction to the history of the recorder.

Foreword by Daniel Brüggen
The recorder in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance by Howard Mayer Brown
The recorder’s Medieval and Renaissance repertoire: a commentary by Anthony Rowland-Jones
The baroque recorder sonata by Anthony Rowland-Jones
The baroque chamber music repertoire Anthony Rowland-Jones
The orchestral recorder by Adrienne Simpson
The eighteenth-century recorder concerto by David Lasocki and Anthony Rowland-Jones
Instruction books and methods for the recorder c.1500 to the present day by David Lasocki
The recorder revival i: the friendship of Bernard Shaw and Arnold Dolmetsch by J. M. Thomson
The recorder revival ii: the twentieth century and its repertoire by Eve O’Kelly
Professional recorder players i: pre-twentieth century by David Lasocki
Professional recorder players (and their instruments) ii: the twentieth century by Eve O’Kelly
The recorder in education by Eve O’Kelly
Facsimiles and editing by Clifford Bartlett
A guide to further reading by Anthony Rowland-Jones.


This book is written in such an engaging manner, that it can be read through as a novel. I found myself reading it through from cover to cover in a few days and still enjoy coming back to it from time to time.

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