Israeli recorder music

Recorder and keyboard:

Eyal Bat

You who sit in My Garden for recorder and piano (9959), 

Purchasing music: Israel Music Institute –

Eran El Bar

A prayer for recorder and piano

Music can be ordered directly from the composer in this e mail: The composer asks for 30$ for the piece, which half goes to him and half is donated to children who have cancer.

Benjamin Bar-Am:

Little suite for soprano recorder and harpsichord (7760), Recording. Purchasing music: Israel Music Institute –

Hagar Kadima:

Flashes of a distant desert – for alto recorder and piano

For music please contact:

Alon Schab:

For all music please contact:

I don’t knowConcerto for recorder and strings  – there is a version for recorder and piano

Tal Joseph:

3 compositions  -recorder and harpsichord.

Aharon Harlap 

Recorder concerto – piano reduction, Recording (mp3): 1st & 2nd movements, 3rd movement.

Allegro Vivo from the concerto: 

Purchasing music: Israel Music Institute –

Ram Da Oz

Introduction and a dance – for recorder and harpsichord

for music please contact:

Recorder concertino – for soprano recorder and piano or harpsichord

Wolpe Michael:

Purchasing music: Israel Music Institute –

Recorder concerto – 1-4 – for alto and soprano recorder (one player) and piano reduction 

Orchestral recordings:

Music is fun 1-4 – for recorder and keyboard. music from 

Moshe Zorman:

El Ginat Egoz for recorder and harpsichord or piano. music from

Solo recorder:

Dror Binder

Galilian Suite op. 4

For the music please contact Dror at

Daniel Akiva:

Litanies – for solo alto recorder. music: can be ordered from:

Ram Da Oz:

For music please contact

Loneliness – for solo alto recorder

Mischief  – for solo alto recorder

Bnaya Halperin:

Shshsh –  for music please contact:

Alon Schab:

A Fantasy on Sasha Argov’s songs:

For music contact

Elad Stern:

Naivete – recorder solo

For the music please contact:

Hila Ostrover Tamir:

Ra’ad(quiver) – solo bass recorder

for music please contact

Toshich  Marina:

Samai Hijaz – recorder solo

for music please contact –

Wolpe Michael:

For music please contact

Sonata for recorder solo – for alto recorder solo

Avishay Yaar:

To a pine tree – for soprano recorder solo

– For music

Yehoyachin Stuchevski

Romance – for music please contact

piano reduction: 

2 recorders:

Ruth Alon:

Vocalize for 2 recorders. For a score please contact

Yehezquel Brown

Canons for 2 recorders 1, 2, 3

for music please contact

Menachem Avidom (Mahler-Kalkstein)

Rustic suite nr. 1 (1945)

3 recorders:

Nachum Heymn/Michael Wolpe

The smell of the apple (sat)

for music please contact

Karel Salmon:

3 miniatures (ssa). music from

4 recorders:

Abraham Deus:

Divertimento for 4 satb

2nd movement3rd movement, 4th movement.

music from

Zvi Nagan

Israeli Dance (SATB)

music from

5 recorders

Yossi Hartmen

Rondino (saatb). For music please contact

10 recorders

Dina Smorgonskaya –

Suite (Sno,ssaaattbb). For music please contact

 Recorder with misc. instruments:

Ram Da-Oz

Concertino for recorder and strings

music available from

Yehuda Engel

Thoughts & Movement. music from

Michael Wolpe

Music is fun 3 for recorder, guitar, harpsichord

Automn love – for male singer, recorder, drum, string trio

Daniel Akiva 

Jerusalem that was in Spain for recorder and guitar: here and here

music can be received from the composer:

These movements are a part of a suite for recorder, guitar and string quartet.

Alon Schab 

Trio for recorder, cello & piano. for music please contact:

Shem Tov Levi

Ani Havatzelet Hasharon (I am the Sharon lily) – for 3 singers and recorder quartet. for the music please contact:

Sham (Over there) – for 3 singers and recorder quartet. For the music please contact 

Joseph Tal:

Chamber Music for recorder, marimba and harpsichord

For music:  Israel Music Institute –

Moshe Zorman:

To the garden – for recorder player and string quartet

for music please contact

Daniel Akiva:

Kadish for recorder and guitar music can be received from

Yehezquel Brown:

Trio for recorder, cello, harpsichord for music please contact

Dina Smorgonskaya:

Trio for recorder, cello, harpsichord . for music please contact

Yavo Dodi for soprano (or countertenor), recorder, cello & harpsichord

You Ofra for soprano (or countertenor), recorder, cello & harpsichord

For music contact

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