Telemann – The sonata for recorder and bc in d minor
Telemann – The sonata for recorder and bc in d minor
dro   |    February 6, 2011  Recorder Music

In the last month I found myself teaching this recorder sonata twice to

two different students, and playing it ,yself in a recital after a long time we (it and me) have been out of touch.

If you know this sonata, you shall probably agree with me that it certainly IS one of the masterpieces for recorder.

What makes this sonata so special?

I can make a list which would be rather long….the surprising beginning of the b flat (si bemol) over the c sharp (do #) in the bass – giving us this remarkably strong chord c#egb bemol, dictating a beginning of both instability and pain. the little phrases of the treble, creating, moreover, a feeling of breathlessness, of drama, of almost a to happen, or one that had happened already, the surprising melodic leaps, the fantiastically colorful chord…all these make this movement one of the most beautiful ever composed viagra feminin effet canada for recorder.

Then comes the Allegro

– seemingly simpler – streaming on until the powerful unisono at the end of each half of it – showing us still how troubled we are….reaching out to the unorthodox Grave, in 2 parts, one agonizing, contemplating, the other continuing – because life goes on…to the gigue.

I do not know if that is THE interpretation…i do know that in each piece of music we play, we have to find our holy trinity..which will always be the middle points of three: the piece, the instrument, and us. We have to find a narrative that allows us to feel with all our senses, to which we can connect in many was – and then go on pour it into the music – and then, only then, will we be able to produce a true perfromace, and whatis true – is always good.