Recorder and Me.

Born December 31st, 1966.

At the age of 8 started to play recorders, and had not stopped since…I am used to thinking that since when I was young I took my recorder(s) with me everywhere, when I grew up it (the reocrder) – reciprocated.

My recorder teachers were Tamar Kushnir  (Haifa, Israel)- to whom I owe the initial love of music and recorder she gave me. Then there were Henia Prusak, with whom I have progressed on in learning the instrument, until I moved to study with  Gad Bodenheimer. Gad used to teach the more advanced students, and send beginners to them. My first teaching steps I made, while studying with him, when I was merely 13 years old. Looking back – I assume my students then could have benefited from a more experienced teacher, yet my students today benefit from many years of my experience, starting already then.
At the age of 14 I moved to the States, with my family, where I had the great fortune to meet Larry Zukof – who was the first professional recorder teacher I had – and the one who sent me on with deep questions that had been in my mind and heart since…allowing me, through seeking the answers to them, finding who I am as a player.

Going back to Israel (1984), I served in the Israeli Military, and then continued to study at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, Gaining my B MUS.

I graduated in 1990, and was supposed to get my diploma on January 17th 1991, but that had to be postponed due to the beginning of the American was on Iraq…and the first missiles falling on Tel Aviv…so we had to wait.

In 1993 I went to study with the unique recorder artist, Pedro Memelsdorff. He had helped me find the answers to the  questions Larry gave me so many years before..and between the two of them, I have found myself.


  • 1983-1984, Haifa University, Social Sciences and English Literature.
  • 1986-1990, Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem, Performing Arts. B. Mus degree.
  • 1993-1995, Civica Scuola di Musica, Milano, Italy, Early Music Performance. Artist Diploma. (After winning a scholarship from the Italian Foreign office).
  • 1996-2000, Tel Aviv University, Musicology.
  • 2011-2012, Levinsky College of Education (towards an MA degree in Education).
  • 2015-2017 , Tel Aviv University, Musicology (Towards MA and PHD)

Teaching positions:

  • Washington Hill College of Education (since 2014)
  • Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (since 2005)
  • Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv (since 2004) – Head of EM department.
  • Hasadna Conservatory of Music, Jerusalem (2003-2007)
  • Levinsky college of education (2004-2006)

Stage Experience:

  • Performs in recitals and as a soloist regularly in Israel and abroad since 1983.
  • Recorder player in the Tel Aviv Baroque Trio, Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, Ensemble Concerto (Italy), Accademia Daniel, Quynade, and Owlos Recorder Consort and the Mediterranean Baroque Quartet.
  • Performed in recitals with leading artists such as: Rinaldo Alessandrini (Italy), Klaus Martens (Germany), Emma Kirkby (England), Roberto Gini (Italy), Jerome Correas (France), Barbara Schlick (Germany), Anthony Rooley (England), Dan Laurin (Sweden), Aviv Quartet (Israel), Kees Boeke (Holland) etc.
  • Performs and records extensively Israeli Music for recorder. In the last few years had performedmore than  80 premiers of pieces which were composed especially for her.


Concert Tours in:

England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Romania.


  • Israeli Broadcasting Service, regularly since 1989.
  • A series of 6 recitals for ABC – the classical radio station of Australia.
  • CD: Out of the Blue Virtuoso Sonatas for recorder and Basso Continuo, published by EWM. (With Miri Singer and Isidoro Roitman)
  • CD: The complete recorder sonatas by Handel, published by STRADIVARIUS. (With Shalev Ad El and Isidoro Roitman).
  • DVD: the music of Salomone di Rossi, published by Tel Ad (1997).
  • CD: Iberia – medieval Spanish music. Ensemble Quynade. Due to come out in 2007.
  • Israeli Harpsichord Music (Albany records, USA)
  • Israeli Chamber Music for Recorders – Owlos recorder consort
  • Dina Smorgonskaya – complete chamber music


Solo performance with orchestras:

  • Newton Symphony Orchestra (USA)
  • Lanciano Chamber Orchestra (Italy)
  • Unitre Chamber Orchestra (Italy)
  • Dartington Baroque (UK)
  • Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra
  • Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra
  • Herzeliya Chamber Orchestra
  • Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra
  • Israeli Chamber Orchestra
  • Ariel Chamber Orchestra


Drora is one of the leading teachers in the country and her students are winners of various competitions such as Keren Sharett, Shapira, Spring Competitions, Paul Ben Haim and the young artist competition. She is constantly invited to teach in master classes in various music academies.

In 1999 she had initiated the 1st International Recorder Competition, which took place in Haifa, Israel.

Drora teaches recorder & chamber music in the Jerusalem Academy of Music, Levinsky college of music and the Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv.

Early Music Deapartment, Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv.

In September 2005 Drora has opened the first Early music Department in Israel, which she heads. The department offers studies in relevant instruments and workshops on various genre issues.


Critics :

“Drora Bruck produced on the recorder a soft, round and pure sound. She also demonstrated swift-fingered virtuosity far exceeding what one would normally expect of these instruments. Isidoro Roitman is a virtuoso…”
(Ha’Aretz, Israel)

“ Drora Bruck e Isidoro Roitman – sono strumentisti Israeliani di spicco.”
(Giornale di Musica, Italy)

” Near Paerfect : The recorder of Drora Bruck carried out most of the load and offered most of the surprises. In almost all the pieces, passages proceeding quite sedately would suddenly errupt into elaborate flourishes of scales and trills, often executed with astonishing breath control….Not to be missed.”
(The Advertiser, Australia)

“To the rescue came recorder player Drora Bruck, whose unobtrusive translation and commentary proved as fluent and ingenious as her playing, and she let the droll with lurking behind her music making show it’s funny-clever face.”
( The Advertiser, Australia)

“New to the Barossa Festival was the Israeli Baroque Trio, Musica Intavolata, players of outstanding talent as musicians and entertainers.”
( The Advertiser, Australia)

“The effervescent Israeli recorder player, Drora Bruck…”
(The Advertiser, Australia)

“ My immediate impression on hearing Drora play was one of recognition for a very special musical talent.”
(Andrew King, UK)

“Drora is an unusually gifted person whose commitment to music is exceptional.She is a fine and outstanding musician and human being.”
(Bernard Och, Israel)



A Partial list of Israeli Music composed for Drora Bruck

Eyal Baht, She who sits in the gardens (1999),
For A recorder & string trio or A recorder and piano.
Premiered: 2001, Tel Aviv. (recorded live)

Daniel Galai, 8 Reasons (1999)
S, Sno recorders alternating.
Premiered: Hobart, Tasmania, September 2000.

Shlomo Gronich, La Follia (1992)
For soprano, S recorder, string trio, harpsichord & piano
Premiered: Yaffo Festival, September 1992. (Recorded by IBS)

Shlomo Dubnov, Preludes (1991)
For A recorder.
Premiered : Jerusalem, 1991.

Shlomo Dubnov, Quartett (1994)
For A recorder, violin, cello, piano.
Premiered: January 1995, Jerusalem (recorded by IBS).

Shlomo Dubnov, Ntrope (1998)
For S/A recorder, computer and amplifying system.
Premiered: Bianale for contemporary music, Tel Aviv, 1998.(Recorded)

Michael Wolpe, Music with Fun (1990)
For s/a recorder and piano.
Premiered: June 1990, Jerusalem.

Michael Wolpe, Trio (1992)
For A recorder, cello & piano.

Michael Wolpe, To the blue west (1990)
For Mezzo soprano, SA recorders & guitar.
Premiered: Jerusalem , 1990. (Recorded by IBS)

Michael Wolpe, Autumn Love (1991)
For Tenor singer, S recorder, string trio and Darbuka.
Premiered: Jerusalem 1992. (Recorded by IBS)

Avishay Yaar, To a Pine tree on the the Carmel Mountain (1999)
For S recorder
Premiered: May 1999, Haifa.(Recorded)

Yossi Peles, Autumn Music (1992)
For: S/A/T/B recorders alternating, and 2 guitars.
Premiered: Tel Aviv, 1992.

Alon Schab, I do not know (1999)
For: S recorder and string quartet.
Premiered: December 1999, Jerusalem (recorded by IBS)

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