Contemporary Israeli music

Bat, Eyal:

You who Sit in he Gardens – with Marina Minkin-piano

Bruck, Drora:

Fantasia with ensemble Quynade (recorded live).

Yaar, Avishai

Songs by Yehuda Halevi with ensemble Quynade

Dina Smorgonskaya (2006) – Suite in Baroque Style

composed for the Tel Aviv Baroque Trio – Drora Bruck – recorders, Orit Messer Jacobi – baroque cello, Marina Minkin – harpsichord

listen  HERE 

Binyamin Bar’am (1967) – Petite Suite

Drora Bruck – recorder, Marina Minkin – harpsichord

listen HERE

Michelle Ketalav (2004) – Celtic fantasy

composed for ensemble Quynade

Drora Bruck – recorders, Iris Eyal – celtic harp, Myrna Herzog – viol, Orna Zakai – bells

Listen HERE

Lotti Amit (2004)  – A Biblical scene

composed for ensemble Quynade

Orna Zakai – voice, Drora Bruck – recorder, Iris Eyal – celtic harp, Myrna Herzog – viol

Listen HERE 

 Beatlemania –

Arrangement for recorder, lute and string orchestra

Drora Bruck – recorders, Isidoro Roitman – lute and the Ramat Gan chamber orchestra conducted by Aviv Ron

Listen HERE




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