All’ombra di sospetto, RV 678

About the piece:

All’ombra di sospetto, RV 678
cantata per soprano, flauto traverso e basso continuo

This cantata appears as a manuscript in Sächsische Landesbibliothek in Dresden. This manuscript is a copy probably made by
Vivaldi’s father, who some claim was his main assistant as a composer. The title, text and added annotations are in
Vivaldi’s hand.
The cantatas contain typical examples of the expressive style of both Vivaldi and the period
 From Michael Talbot’s book: The Chamber Cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi

All’ombra di sospetto
il mio costante affetto
perde alquanto la fede,
e a beltà lusinghiera
ei poco crede.

Avezzo non è il core
amar beltà d’amore
ch’addolcisca il penar
con finti vezzi.
Se lusinghiero è il dardo,
ogni piacer è tardo,
affinchè l’adorar
per forza sprezzi.

Translation (by MehdiCaps)

In the shadow of suspicion,
my constant affection
has lost much of its faith,
and doesn’t trust anymore
this deceiving beauty.

My heart is not accustomed
to fall in love with a beauty
that sweetens the pain
with feigned cajolery.
If Cupid’s dart is deceptive,
all pleasures are late,
and adoration
eventually becomes contempt.




Complete score: click here

flute (recorder) and soprano part: click here



Catherine Bott
New London Consort conducted by: Philip Pickett