Hans Gal (1890-1987)

About him: Wikipedia article

Hans Gal Society

Holocaust survivor composer Hans Gal was the Haydn of the 20th century. Part 1 of 2.

Catalogue of pieces for recorder:

Suite for recorder and violin (1954)

Six 2 part Inventions (1957)

Divertimento for 2 Treble Recorders and Guitar (1957)

Quartettino for recorder quartet: SSAT (1960)

Concertino for treble recorder/flute and string quartet (1961)

Trio-Serenade for treble recorder, violin and cello (1966)

Divertimento for 3 recorders – SAT (1970)

3 Internezzi for treble recorder (flute) and harpsichord or piano (1974)

4 Bagatelles for treble recorder solo (1983)

Recorder sonatina for treble recorder solo (1983)

Moment Musical for treble recorder solo (1986)

Intrata Giocosa for descant, treble and tenor recorders, two violins and cello (double bass ad lib) (1958)


harpsichord music:

Kleine Suite for harpsichord or piano (1962)


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