Telemann, Georg Philip (14 March 1681 – 25 June 1767)

About the composer:

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Music for a Mixed Taste : Style, Genre, and Meaning in Telemann’s Instrumental Works: Style, Genre, and Meaning in Telemann’s Instrumental Works



His music:

Cantata: Jauchzet, frohlocket! der Himmel ist offen, TWV 1:953

Seele, lerne dich erkennen, TWV 1:1258

Johannes Passion, TWV 5:30

Jehova pascit me, TWV 7:23

Lyksalig Tvillung-Rige!, TWV 12:10

Fantasias for Flute without Bass, TWV 40:2-13

Sonatas, TWV 40:101-106

Duet for 2 Flutes or Violins, TWV 40:107

Sonata for Flute and Violin, TWV 40:111

Kleine Kammermusik TWV 41

Partita No.5, TWV 41:e1

Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:B3

Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:C2

Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:C5

Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:d4

Sonata in f minor for recorder and bc, TWV 41:f1

6 canonic sonatas for 2 recorders

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:a1

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:a4

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:a6

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:B4

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:C1

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:c2

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:c7

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:D5

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:d7

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:d10

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:e6

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:f2

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:F3

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:F6

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:F7

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:F8

Concerto for Recorder, Horn and Continuo, TWV 42:F14

Trio Sonata, TWV Anh.42:g

Trio Sonata, TWV 42:g9

Quartetto, TWV 43:a3

Quartetto, TWV 43:d1

Quartetto, TWV 43:g3

Quartetto, TWV 43:g4

Quartetto, TWV 43:G6

Concerto a 7 in F major, TWV 44:41

Recorder Concerto, TWV 51:C1

Recorder Concerto, TWV 51:F1

Concerto for Recorder and Viola da Gamba, TWV 52:a1

Concerto for 2 Recorders in a minor, TWV 52:a2

Concerto for 2 recorders, TWV 52:B1

Concerto for Recorder and Flute, TWV 52:e1

Concerto for Recorder and Bassoon, TWV 52:F1

Concerto for 2 Recorders and 2 Oboes, TWV 54:B2

Ouverture-Suite, TWV 55:a2

Ouverture-Suite, TWV 55:a4




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